London Medical Mistress Serious Kit Overload

Serious Kit Kinky Courses

A myriad of kinky Serious Kit apparatus, bespoke innovations await the ardent fetishist at Mistress Annabel's London Rubber Studio and Fetish Clinic. Both Mark1 and Mark 2(resplendent with six types of e-stim electro panel) pulsating vacuum suits are available for fetishists and kinky sex technophiles. Mistress has designed a unique course of therapy to experience the ultimate in wet suction therapy, long term edging coupled with the undeniable visual high of being able undeniably visualize yourself being milked, sucked and pulsated in one of the two huge ceiling mirrors that adorn the many rooms at London Rubber Studio.

Diversification which will unfurl over many hours spent together will allow even the most curious of subjects the constant perversity and variety of change. Be clear there are dozens of SPT receivers (some e-stim), rosebud anal probes (in different configurations, one bespoke) and two Serious Kit hoods (one with strangulation inflatable collar and interchangeable eye slots) for retinal distortions. Wet suction never felt this good!

Ladies will be particularly inspired by the e-stim clit milker which has has some stunning feedback from some of the couples that enjoyed a visit to Mistress Annabel. Testicle suction tubes (which can be electrified) are the final addition to the World- Class array which awaits the most perverse submissive , rubberist or milking fetishist. The addition of gases/aromas can complete the Serious Kit overload giving you an almost interstellar experience. Courses will be run over a six month period and require at least four visits. Are you ready for relentless milking, long term edging or beguiling orgasm control? Be aware this is a World Class offering. Feel all resistance melt from your mind!

Serious Kit Kinky Courses from Mistress Annabel