Longterm clinical bondage in London

Long term clinical bondage in London. Mistress Annabel offers longerm bondage and/or enforced seclusion at Her London fetish studio and medical clinic. +44 (0)7 494 333 808.

Imagine the intoxication and delicious vulnerability you can encounter my giving your mind and body to Mistress Annabel for a prolonged period of many hours/days. The sense of self becomes completely shifted, as even the most basic functions are completely controlled by this elite world-class Mistress. By the time Mistress Annabel has used your body and mind and stretched your will in many different directions, nothing else will matter.

Mistress Annabel has recently spent a sizeable sum building a new room at Her London studio. The way the room has been configured makes it a paradise for couples and singles looking for long-term bondage and incarceration scenarios and latex rubber bondage, mummification, and fetish play in the UK.

Some fantastic new inflatable rubber bondage outfits and hoods are now available to compliment the wealth of straight-jackets and body bags Mistress Annabel currently owns at her London studio. Attention to detail is paramount and you will never be left alone without someone being present no matter how long you choose to stay.

Rubber bondage and restriction, either though inflatable, deflatable rubber bondage, will simultaneously give your body a myriad of sensations, much of which cannot be replicated anywhere else in the UK in any other fetish studio. Be under no illusion, there is absolutely everything here to take your mind and body into places you have never been before. Mummification and complex rope bondage can also be undertaken with exacting skill. Everything will be symmetrical, and nothing will be left to chance. Breath control, re-breathing, and many other forms of bondage control, including ophthalmic instruments mean you will not even be able to flutter your eyelids! To find out more about rubber bondage, please check Mistress Annabel's stunning rubber website – Rubber Mistress

There are also two suspension facilities at Mistress Annabel's London Studio, for either two-way, four-way, or five-way suspension. Innovative positions and key attention to detail will allow your body to be suspended from all your secret places.

Coming soon, there will be the addition of some incredible German engineering to finish the room in a truly decadent style. Long-term bondage appointments are available for between three hours and three days, with Mistress Annabel in total control at all times! Imagine being routinely milked or edged as the willing victim of a beautiful dominant Woman; or being put into endless amounts of humiliating or emasculating predicament bondage with no end in sight! Layer upon layer of restriction of both body and mind. Imagine a lost weekend kept deep underground in one of London's finest neighbourhoods, oblivious to the outside world. Leave your inhibitions and worldly woes at the front door, and become the powerless victim of a beautiful strict Mistress!

Let your imagination truly run riot in this leading facility in Mistress Annabel's London rubber studio and fetish clinic.

Diary Dates


18 & 19 June
9 & 10 July

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London Medical Mistress Doctor Annabel, London Fetish Clinic, Breathplay specialist, strict latex nurse.
Longterm clinical bondage and mummification at the London Fetish Clinic.